The Sounds of His Voice

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I was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico on September 24, 1949, or Tishri 1, 5709. That year, my birth was celebrated on the Feast of Trumpets. In February 1984, I was born again and saved by the grace of God. By Feb. 13, 2009, I could see God had a different plan for my life. I have never gone through an experience like this before. I learned how to really listen to God’s voice. This book is a collection of my poems. This book, is the beginning of my great adventure of; listening to: “The Sounds of His Voice.”

The Sounds of His Voice: Book Description

This book is a collection of 92 poems, and songs. This book includes translations of 13 Christian songs from, English to Spanish, and two song translations from, Spanish to English. This project began on, March 18, 2009 to March 28, 2010. I have never, written any poems or songs before. The vast majority of these poems; are Godly inspired. Additionally, there are two poems that may help to guide some young people. I hope that these poems and songs, serve to draw the reader; to a more intimate relationship with God. Please read these poems aloud so you too may hear “The Sounds of His Voice.”

Authored by: Nestor Gonzalez AKA Gman9259

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The Sounds of His Voice

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